Artist Statement

'All art is truth; All truth is subjective.'

My goal as an art model is to provide artists with the best interpretation of their ideas through movement and expression. Together, model and the artist, create a world that exist only in their art.

Art is the constant battle of what we see or believe to be true versus other perceived truths; the subjectivity of what is truth.

" Her beauty drew many suitors who pursued her relentlessly. Exhausted by their pursuit, Rhodanthe was forced to take refuge in the temple of her friend Diana. Unfortunately, Diana was of a jealous nature and when the suitors broke down her temple gates to get near the beloved Rhodanthe, she became furious. Enraged, Diana turned Rhodanthe into a rose and her suitors into thorns." Greek Legend of the Rose


I began modeling professionally in 2013 for art classes,a year later, I landed in front of the lens. Art modeling has been nothing short of amazing and humbling; from being able to work with the National Arts Club (NYC) to posing all around Prince Edward Island in Canada. My ultimate goal is to work behind the scenes on a film set.

Currently located in metro NJ and taking work worldwide.

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