Booking, travel schedule & contact

Interested in having me apart of your next project? 

I have 4 years experience in art modeling and a lifetime of love and involvement with the arts. Most of my work has been in live modeling, fine art nude, beauty/ boudoir and erotic/fetish/ MET-art . I have a  lovely collection of vintage and newer lingerie and a regular wardrobe leaning on 'punk rock' chic grandma librarian, also can do basic make up, though I am fine with no make up. I love being involved with the creative direction of shoots and am willing to be fully involved with concepts, sets, lighting and direction of a shoot ( check my personal photography here) or take your direction to my best interpretation. 


My standard rate is $125/hour with a 2 hour minimum, this does not include erotic/fetish work. Half Day shoots are $450/ 4hrs  Full day $800/ 8hrs.

Deposits and Discounts

Without a $50 deposit, shoots are liable to being rescheduled or cancelled due to more serious inquiries. All serious half and full shoots must send either a $100 (4hrs) or $200 (8hrs) deposit.

As an  artist, I understand that my rate is not within everyone's budget. As in incentive for larger or full deposits, I offer specials.

  • For 110/hr: By depositing half of the booking fee for your shoot, I can offer you a rate of 110/hr. Example: 2 hour booking = $110 deposit.
  • For 100/hr: You MUST deposit full booking fee 2 weeks prior to shoot. An initial $50 deposit must be sent.

But I'm a painter/ sculptor/ student ETC

Some of my favorite work is posing for art classes/ groups, as well as, individual artist. I have a sliding scale rate of $20-$100/hr, it depends on factors such as repetitive sessions, are photos being taken, etc.

For any students currently enrolled, or graduated within the last year, I offer a sliding scale rate of $25-$100/hr. Factors such as type of shoot, location, usage of photos, etc determine the rate.

Cancellation Policy

Life is full of chaos and surprises, cancellation/rescheduling DO happen for unforeseen reasons, below is how I typical go about these events.

  • If you cancel 2 weeks to 10 days prior to shoot you will receive 75% refund of your deposit.
  • 10 days to 5 days, 50% deposit refund.
  •  5 days to 3 days 25% refund.
  • Less than 3 days no refund.
  •  Rescheduling to keep deposit valid must be made with a 1 week time frame. Anyone who cancels less than 3 days MUST pay full amount due for shoot, failure of doing so will result in blacklisting.

These are my general rules. Please confirm you have read this by writing Aye Aye at the end of your message.

Travel Schedule

I am located in Elizabeth, NJ and am readily able to work in Metro NYC/NJ, Philadelphia and Baltimore/DC area. Contact me below if you'd like to see me in your area. Stay tuned.


  • 1-9 NYC
  • 10-11 DC
  • 14-17 NYC
  • 17-20 Boston


  • 8-12 Tampa*
  • 13-15 Orlado
  • 16-20 Miami

Things to Know

A few more things to know about me that may answer any unresolved questions.

How many tattoos do you have? : I have 5 tattoos, one medium sized tattoo on my back (beetle and flowers), 'Lust' above my left nipple, teacup on my left middle finger, bat on my left ankle and hatchet in my right armpit.

Piercings? : I have my septum pierced, very easy to hide or remove. No others at the moment

Do you shave? : I am hairy, my arms and belly have visible hair; shaving my legs and armpit hair is not an issue. I rarely shave my bush or trim it, but if you pay me for it, I can.

Do you Travel? : I travel most often between Philadelphia, Baltimore and NYC, my travel Schedule is listed above, to the right. I will travel within a 2 hour radius of NYC if travel is reimbursed. 

I do have my passport and speak Spanish fluently(Cuban/Dominican 1st gen), with very limited skills in Italian, French, Portuguese and Japanese. Willing to trade for air travel (flights abroad or to west coast).

Body Stats? : I'm 5'4" , 34 - 28 - 42. 

Make up/Hair? : My hair color is strawberry blonde/golden and length hits the middle of my breast. I wear VERY little make up and know how to apply light make up and basic hair styles. Please hire a professional for extreme looks & dos.

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