Booking, travel schedule & contact

Interested in having me apart of your next project? 

I have 6 years experience in art modeling and a lifetime of love and involvement in the arts. A majority of my work is in reference modeling, fine art nude (studio & outdoors), beauty/ boudoir and erotic/fetish. I have a  lovely collection of vintage and newer lingerie and a casual wardrobe leaning on 'punk rock' chic & grandma librarian. My make up skills are in the middle, please keep that in mind for conceptual shoots.

I love being involved with the creative direction of shoots and am willing to be fully involved with concepts, sets, lighting and direction of a shoot ( check my personal photography here) or take your direction to my best interpretation. 


My standard rate is $125/hour with a 2 hour minimum. I offer discounts which are Half Day shoots are $450/ 4hrs; Full day $800/ 8hrs. I am willing to discount if you are working with a full team, granted the concept.

These rates do not include erotic/ fetish work, please inquire about these details.


Without a $50 deposit, shoots are liable to being rescheduled or cancelled due to more serious inquiries. All serious half and full shoots must send either a $100 (4hrs) or $200 (8hrs) deposit.

Travel Schedule

I am located in Elizabeth, NJ and will travel within a 2 hour radius of Newark if travel is reimbursed, anything longer requires either a 4 or 8 hour booking.

Passport ready & speak Spanish fluently, with very limited understanding in Italian & Portuguese.

Willing to trade for airfare for international travels.

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If you're planning an outdoor shoot, walking and hiking to the location must be added to the booking time. If travel to the location exceeds 30 minutes, this time must also be compensated. Please thorough note the time of travel when booking to ensure it does not overlap with other bookings.

If your concept is messy, I need somewhere to bathe afterwards and make time in my schedule as to not overlap with another shoot.

I will not prorate you if we end early, this includes ending earlier due to your own inappropriate behavior.

Artist or student?

Some of my favorite work is posing for art classes/ groups, as well as, individual artist. I have a sliding scale rate of $20-$100/hr, it depends on factors such as repetitive sessions and poses.

For any students currently enrolled, or graduated within the last year, I offer a sliding scale rate of $25-$100/hr. Factors such as concept, location, usage of photos, etc determine the rate.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations 7 days before the shoot, I require 50% of the agreed upon fee; 72 hours, I require 100%. I will always send back a deposit if I cancel.

Rescheduling to keep deposit valid must be made within a 1 month time frame of original shoot, locally only.

These are my general rules, I can be understanding for reasonable experiences.

Please confirm you have read this by writing Aye Aye at the end of your message.

Be sure to elaborate on the shoot: location, concept/style, peopleon set,  time/date, duration, climate, props or wardrobe needed.


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